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Professional criminal defense in the economic sphere and corruption in Russia (Moscow)

Advocate for Economic Cases - Protection of Victim Rights

The main goal of the victim of a economic crime is the compensation for material damage caused to him/her on account of property of the person who committed the crime.

Very often, the civil and arbitration proceedings do not allow to restore the rights and legitimate interests of the victim due to the fact that the offender acted through shell companies or legalized the proceeds received by committing the crime.

In this situation, the protection of rights of the victim is possible only by one way, that is by filing a criminal case and a civil action within the criminal process against the criminal.

The advocate for economic cases recommends:


  • Assessment of the situation and identification of elements of the crime;
  • Collection of evidence;
  • Preparation and submission of an application to initiate a criminal case;
  • Participation of the criminal advocate in the interview of the victim at the stage of pre-investigation probe into the crime report;
  • Participation of the criminal advocate in the questioning of the victim and the confrontations at the stage of preliminary investigation;
  • Preparation and filing of a civil action within the criminal process;
  • Submission of applications for ensuring the civil action;
  • Representing the interests of the victim in the courts of all instances and maintaining the civil action.

After the civil action within the criminal process has been filed, the main task of the victim is to take measures for the detection and preservation of the stolen property or other property of the offender, at the cost of which the claims of the victim will subsequently be satisfied.

In this case, the advocate for economic cases must submit to the investigator an application for seizure of property of the suspect or accused.

Criminal Procedure Act allows to ensure a civil action within the criminal process through seizure of property of the suspect and the accused.

In accordance with Article 52 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, law protects the rights of victims of crime; the state provides them with access to justice and compensation for inflicted damages. In accordance with this constitutional provision, Clause 3 of Article 42 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code envisages that the victim shall have compensation for property damage inflicted by the crime, and Article 115 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code establishes the criminal procedure measure in the form of seizure of property.

Accordingly, under the provisions of Clause 1 of Article 115 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code, in order to ensure the execution of judgment as related to the civil action, the investigator with the consent of the head of the investigative body initiates before the court a request for seizure of property of the suspect, the accused or persons legally being financially responsible for their actions.

That is to say, the above-mentioned measure of procedural coercion is aimed at ensuring the enforcement of the sentence of the court as related to the civil action, other property claims, the return of property, money and other assets obtained through criminal activities or acquired by criminal means, to the rightful owner, as well as at protecting the legitimate interests of all persons recognized in the case as victims and civil claimants.

According to Clause 7 of Article 115 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code, when seizing monetary assets belonging to the suspect or the accused and other valuables on the account, in the deposit or saved in banks and other credit organizations, the operations on this account are terminated in whole or in part within the limits of cash funds or other assets that are being seized. That is to say, the Criminal Procedure Law allows for the possibility of seizure of the funds held in an account at a bank and other lending institutions.

In accordance with Clause 3 of Article 115 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code, the seizure may be imposed on the property belonging to other people, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that it was obtained as a result of the criminal actions of the suspect, the accused.

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