Specialized Law Office. Protection in cases of economic crimes

Professional criminal defense in the economic sphere and corruption in Russia (Moscow)

Наказанный преступник — это пример для всех негодяев; невинно осужденный — это вопрос совести всех честных людей

Жан Лабрюйер

Criminal advocate in Moscow – defense in economic crimes

All criminal advocates of our Moscow-based Bureau specialize in providing professional legal assistance and defense in criminal cases involving economic crimes and other cases related to running businesses in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Do not hesitate to contact us if a criminal case has been filed against you, if you have been summoned for questioning as a witness, or vice versa, if there has been an offense committed against you, falling into the following categories of criminal cases:

  • Swindling
  • Illegal receipt of credits
  • Evasion of taxes
  • Smuggling
  • Bribe-taking and bribe-giving
  • Illegal enterprise
  • Forgery of documents
  • Arbitrariness
  • Other cases of similar categories

The criminal advocate for economic crimes in Moscow and other regions will ensure your defense against unfounded accusations, or to protect your interests as a victim.

Protection during investigative activities and pre-investigation probe

Timely resorting to us at the moment of investigatory activities or pre-investigation probe already running with you or your company can often prevent a situation of prosecuting you or employees of your company.

Precise knowledge of rights and responsibilities of individuals and the police in a situation where our criminal advocate handles a criminal case, excludes the occurrence of arbitrariness and abuse of power by the police.


Please note!


  • The sooner our advocate intervenes, the more are the chances for successful settlement of the case and acquittance.
  • The defense in the criminal case is best before a crime was committed. You may engage a criminal advocate for his advice on the legality of running business and effecting certain business transactions.

Anyone is able to read the RF Criminal Code. Many undertake to interpret criminal law. Yet only an experienced advocate for economic crimes can do it in a proper way.


Criminal defense during the preliminary investigation

The criminal advocate has the right to intervene in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal process. However, the best results in the protection of rights of participants of criminal proceedings can be achieved when the criminal advocate for economic crimes is invited to participate in the defense since the initiation of the criminal case, or, if possible, and at the stage of pre-investigation probe. During the preliminary investigation, the criminal advocate will develop a legal position and determine the line of defense, refine testimony and take part in all investigative actions, file the necessary requests and will actively participate in collecting evidence.

Criminal defense in court

At the trial stage the criminal advocate will take an active part in the court proceedings and speak in the oral debate. If necessary, the criminal advocate can appeal the verdict in the cassation and supervisory authority.

The advocate’s principled position taken during the investigation and in court rules out the possibility of exercising pressure upon the parties to the proceedings and violating the rights of the suspect, accused, victim and witnesses.

In certain cases, our advocates may represent your interests by filing a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights and accompany your complaint until the decision by the ECHR is received.

Protection of rights and interests of victims

The main task of the victim of an economic crime is compensation of damage and return of property. Sometimes civil proceedings do not allow adequately achieving justice. In this case, if there are elements of a crime, our advocates will help you file a criminal case, convict the guilty one and get compensation for damages inflicted to you.