Specialized Law Office. Protection in cases of economic crimes

Professional criminal defense in the economic sphere and corruption in Russia (Moscow)

Advocate Support for the Company's Activities

Services for executives and business owners

Zhiganov, Nikulenko and Partners Attorneys Bureau provides support for the activities of companies, executives and business owners on a regular basis.

Advocate support activities include the following services:

  • Advice on criminal legal consequences of the transactions;
  • Advice on the criminal legal consequences of tax optimization;
  • Identification of tax risks and risks of criminal liability associated with the latter;
  • Advice on issues of general crime;
  • Protection of the rights and interests during investigatory activities;
  • Protection of rights and interests during the pre-investigation probe, investigation and in court;
  • Protection of the rights of family members.

The company or individual is assigned a criminal lawyer who is constantly in touch and can provide oral and written advice on the planned basis or immediately arrive at the location of the principal in the event of an emergency call.

The cost of service of supporting the company’s activities is calculated individually after the rough analysis of the situation. Payments are made on the monthly basis.

The principal is issued a certificate, upon presentation of which in case of detention, law enforcement representatives are obliged to contact the advocate attached to the principal and summon him to a place where investigation actions and search measures are underway.

In the event of such a call, the criminal attorney starts the protective measures immediately.

By using the Attorney Support service, you will forever solve the problem with finding professional legal assistance and will get a reliable and experienced counsel for your own affairs.