Specialized Law Office. Protection in cases of economic crimes

Professional criminal defense in the economic sphere and corruption in Russia (Moscow)

Criminal Attorney-at-Law in Moscow – Specialized Moscow bar association EcCorp Defense – About our association

The Specialized Moscow bar association EcCorp Defense was created as a result of association of experts in the field of criminal law and procedures on the one hand and of economy and finance on the other.

Our Bureau’s attorneys-at-law process criminal cases on economic crimes and other categories of crimes that may be associated with business activities.

Our Bureau’s clients are large businesses and banks, as well as individual citizens.

The main principles of our work are:

  • Professionalism in every action
  • Integrity and perseverance in defending
  • Privacy and professional lawyer’s secrecy
  • Dedication and reliability in relationships
  • Care and attention towards our client

The specialization solely on economic crimes enables us to concentrate attention and experience of our attorneys at law on a narrow category of cases, which leads to a high level of professionalism and efficiency of protection and defense.

The Bureau co-operates with the UKT LawConsulT Group, which allows it to resort in the protection and defense to the specialized knowledge of auditors, economists, appraisers, civilist lawyers.

Why EcCorp Defense of all other attorneys-at-law in Moscow?

  • Our specialization is only criminal defense involving crimes in the economic sphere.
  • The quality is guaranteed by more than a decade of professional experience of our attorneys-at-law.
  • Privacy of accessing an attorney-at-law is guaranteed by law.
  • The first consultation with an attorney-at-law is free of charge.
  • 24/7 attorney-at-law advice service available in emergency cases.
  • The Bureau co-operates with UKT LawConsulT Group that includes the audit and the appraisal divisions, which improves the quality of work of attorneys-at-law in the most complex cases of economic crimes.

Every criminal attorney-at-law of our Bureau passes mandatory annual refresher courses.

Activities of EcCorp Defense Specialized Moscow bar association  are regulated by the Law “On Lawyer Activities and Advocacy in the Russian Federation”, as well as the Code of Lawyer’s Professional Ethics. The basic rule in the work of any lawyer is “do no harm”, which means the inadmissibility of any action by a lawyer that may cause any harm to the rights and legitimate interests of the client.

If you need a criminal attorney-at-law in Moscow, then EcCorp Defense is a smart choice!